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EEOC is Right, But Also So Very Wrong (Part 1)

America, this isn’t hard at all.  We just need more sophisticated reasoning when we converse. EEOC argues that employers who use criminal background checks as a blanket basis for refusing to hire qualified candidates are violating Title VII because such policies have a disparate impact on Black and Hispanic people.  While supporting what they are…

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How to Get There from Here

They mean well.  They really do.  By “they” I mean EEOC and those states that are implementing new employment laws consistent with EEOC regulations that govern the ways that hiring managers and decisionmakers can use criminal background information. Nevertheless, this is what they’ve come up with: “The following are examples of best practices for employers…

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Gay People, Black People, and Convicts

You know how some people used to say (and may still say) that the argument for gay rights “is just like the civil rights issue for Black people?”  It’s not.  They are two completely separate concerns.  They have independent bases upon which to invoke justice.  Both deserve to stand on their own and be considered…

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Raise Your Hand

Raise your hand if anyone in your family has ever been to prison. Raise your hand if any of your in-laws have ever been to prison. Raise your hand if anyone in your church, mosque, or temple has ever been to prison Raise your hand if you’ve ever dated or married someone who had been…

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